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Hythe HOSMU is a concept driven manufacturing business capable of designing, manufacturing and implementing consolidated and organised mass storage and distribution solutions. 

Within this industry most projects require full customisation. Here at Hythe HOSMU we specialise in providing bespoke solutions to unique storage and distribution challenges, access limitations and or functional hurdles. We ensure safety and operational efficiency are at the forefront of our design and implementation planning.

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HOSMU Heathrow storage solution

Hythe Group were the perfect team to choose for the Heathrow project. I had seen how diverse their skills in metal fabrication and engineering really were, skills that were essential for the bespoke nature of the Heathrow Airport project.

Neil Robinson | Managing Director | Our Soles Ltd.

Hythe HOSMU provides bespoke storage & distribution solutions for Heathrow Airport

Hythe HOSMU was installed airside at Heathrow Airport in readiness for winter 2019/20. The installation provided a new solution for a consolidated, single point of collection, for essential winter resilience operating equipment.

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